Welcome to the world of paranormal romance!

Danger doesn’t hide in the darkness, desire does.

Not everything in the dark is dangerous.

Welcome to the world of D. Anne Paris where you won’t be scared when things go bump in the night! My world is a little different. Sometimes it’s scary and other times supernatural but always full of romance!

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Love is the most beautiful thing to have, hardest thing to earn, and most painful thing to lose.- Unknown


Never give up

I'm known to be a very stubborn person by many. I associate it to genes since many women in my family are the same way. (Don't get us

The start of a new collection

It's that time of year when kids go back to school and all the Halloween decorations come out! I have a creepophilia for anything gothic. Skeletons, witches, gravestones,

Choose Love not Hate

In the past couple of months, I have seen so much hatred infest our society. No one is immune from this hatred, every one of us has experienced

Birthdays on a budget

Anyone with kids knows how expensive birthday parties can get. Even if you have the party at home the costs add up- decorations, games, goodies for the kids,

Thank a Veteran!

Show your appreciation to a Veteran! With Veteran's day this Friday there is no better time to say thank you to a veteran. Here are five things that

If the hat fits…

To finish off my costume I needed a witch's hat. Otherwise, I would have been the evil cleaning lady! I didn't want the standard plain black hat because