Never give up

I'm known to be a very stubborn person by many. I associate it to genes since many women in my family are the same way. (Don't get us all in the kitchen to make a

The start of a new collection

It's that time of year when kids go back to school and all the Halloween decorations come out! I have a creepophilia for anything gothic. Skeletons, witches, gravestones, cauldrons, anything that church ladies deem sinful,

Choose Love not Hate

In the past couple of months, I have seen so much hatred infest our society. No one is immune from this hatred, every one of us has experienced it in some way. It’s sad that

Birthdays on a budget

Anyone with kids knows how expensive birthday parties can get. Even if you have the party at home the costs add up- decorations, games, goodies for the kids, food and drinks. To cut down on

Thank a Veteran!

Show your appreciation to a Veteran! With Veteran's day this Friday there is no better time to say thank you to a veteran. Here are five things that you can do to thank a Veteran.

If the hat fits…

To finish off my costume I needed a witch's hat. Otherwise, I would have been the evil cleaning lady! I didn't want the standard plain black hat because that was just boring. I needed to

What’s a witch without a broom?

With my witch dress complete I needed to find the final touches for it. I found the perfect size broom at a craft store but it was just missing something. Down the aisles I went

What a witch!

Fall is that time of year that I absolutely love! The trees start to turn beautiful colors that beg to be painted. The crisp air makes you want to cuddle with someone and drink hot